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Boucher is the typical Rococo painter. The French writer Goncourt thought Boucher was a painter who had set a model for a-century art, given its character, image making it. In his early years, Boucher followed Francois Lemoyne to review painting along close connection with Watteau. Between 1727 and 1731, Boucher stayed in Rome and learned through the works of decorative painters Tiepolo and Albani. In 1755, Boucher started to act as the director of Royal Goblins Factory. After 1765, Boucher served as the court painter, and had become the painting teacher along with the preferred painter of Mme de Pompadour. Boucher’s paintings were packed with pretense in the wind and also the formation on this style reflected the modification from the French court art.

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Flowers portray just isn’t simple. Many people often make excessive procedures because of the deliberate drawing each petal and information on the leaves and stems resulting in the painting looking very untidy. So in the description of flowers, it is very important to create simplification in most extent. Furthermore, you must also determine what the principle characteristics of these flowers are which enable it to correctly select which needs to be simplified and which should be highlighted. They look full or weak without force, are circular or horn; each stem has several flowers or only one? How thick the stem and flower are? All these features should be understood before describing them.

Of course, we’ve got to admit that outdoor painting will still be afflicted with some objective factors. Many artists have seen the sun burns, insect bites, gusts of wind and high rain. So during the warm months, you can bring some sunscreen and insect repellents, sunshade hat and other protection products; but in winter, you must wear a couple of thick warm socks, as appropriate, you are able to also bring a thermos bottle. Of course, it doesn’t matter whatever the weather, it is always ready for an umbrella so as to avoid your hard work being destroyed one day. These preparations are not redundant, because if the body is uncomfortable, your painting ability will be declined.

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The image of Judith firstly appeared inside the Middle Ages, because symbol of virtues triumphed over evils and might be associated with the implied specification of modest and courteous. There were many works are created inside the Renaissance Period, the scene of her victory was always side with the paintings « Samson and Delilah » and « Aristotle and Compad Sibei. »